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Continuously improve thinking habits and awareness with our AI-driven virtual coach from any place, at any time.

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Insightful feedback for rapid improvement

Bold improvements made possible by real-time insights into reasoning and decision-making habits

Med2Lab’s core AI engine allows for real-time, personalized feedback that arms learners with detailed knowledge of their own strengths and weaknesses so that they may strive for bold improvements in clinical reasoning.

Insightful feedback for rapid improvement
  • Domain-based Assessment
  • Interactive Chatbot to practice history taking
  • Open-ended Questions with Automated Scoring and Feedback
  • Automated Analysis of Summary & Assessment Statements
  • Communication Feedback
  • Case Timeline and Real-time Consequences
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Smart and simulated, case-based learning

Our platform is highly interactive, bite-sized, and case-based for maximum relevance and applicability.

Smart and simulated, case-based learning

Case timeline

  • Learn the consequences of actions taken as they unfold over time
  • Learn the importance of the timing of certain actions

Interactive ‘Chatbot’

  • Practice history taking
  • Learn to prioritize questions
  • Become skilled in active listening and empathic curiosity

Exams, Orders and Actions

  • Use comprehensive in-learning activities to replicate case studies and their environment

Adaptive curriculum that targets all levels

Our modules and series are designed for maximum relevance and effectiveness.

Adaptive curriculum that targets all levels

Curricular offerings

Our team is ready to onboard your curricula and make them come alive on our dynamic, AI-powered learning platform.

You are also welcome to use any of our growing library of curricula from our established partners.

Adaptive curriculum that targets all levels

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Innovative measurement

Innovative measurement

Our platform offers in-depth evaluation and assessment of critical skills that multiple-choice exams and certifications simply cannot capture

  • Clinical reasoning
  • Clinical judgment
  • Culture
  • Communication

Working with Med2Lab has been so enjoyable because we care about the same thing: enabling learners to learn better.

Dr. Sharon F. Chen
Stanford School of Medicine

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