Our Mission

Coaching clinical reasoning at scale.

We are in the business of having healthcare workers trained to think deeply, broadly, compassionately, and with self-awareness when engaging with any patient.

The Med2Lab platform provides immersive simulated clinical scenarios for trainees to receive validated, personalized feedback on their clinical reasoning, so that they can become empowered in providing truly human-centered care.

The Problem

Diagnostic error affects 12 million Americans each year
and causes $760 Billion+ annually in wasted costs.

With all the advanced technology available, medicine is still an art that requires human wisdom and compassion, demonstrated through a healthcare provider’s scientifically-mature thinking, sound reasoning, and effective communication skills.

And yet, the ‘art of medicine’ is not systematically taught.

Whereas bedside teaching has always been the gold standard, the reality of our current health systems reflects an overburdened workforce, shortage of providers, and restricted onsite learning, making the gold standard unobtainable at scale.

Our Solution

Feedback lies at the heart of the art of medicine.

The Med2Lab platform’s innovative technology and validated assessment frameworks shape immersive, AI-driven clinical simulations that observe users’ performance in real-time and provide actionable insights on users’ thought patterns and blindspots.

The gold standard, 2.0

The Med2Lab platform is a new gold standard for healthcare training, where it ...

  • democratizes access with its cloud-based, low-cost system
  • allows trainees to safely and positively work through the uncertainty inherent in any clinical situation
  • fosters deep self-awareness and heightened appreciation for effective and collaborative communication.


How we create a safe learning environment in which uncertainty is embraced, trial-and-error is encouraged, and feedback is constructive

The Virtual Patient

The learner gets coached on critical thinking in clinical settings by first engaging with a SIMULATED PATIENT in need of medical attention.


Natural language processing and conversational frameworks allow learners to practice obtaining history and building rapport with a virtual standardized patient.

Labs / Studies

Learners can choose from a range of labs and studies, but will have to take into account the cost-effectiveness of the orders and timing of the results.


Intervention orders including medications, procedures, and disposition can lead to changes in the clinical status of the virtual patient. However, each intervention might come with certain cost, and is only effective in a specific time window.


The software can generate the status of a virtual patient at any given time after the initial presentation, based on the list of default changes determined by the instructor and the interventions made by the learner. The learner can "advance the clock" to learn the impact of their actions.

Personalized Assessment

Throughout the process of engaging with the virtual patient, the learner is QUESTIONED and OBSERVED by the virtual coach in areas that address:

  • HOW the learner communicates with the patient (including WHAT questions the learner asks the patient and WHEN)
  • WHICH labs the learner orders,
  • the EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS of each action the learner takes

The learner then receives PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK on the strengths and weaknesses of his/her thought process and problem-solving patterns.

Interactive Contents

Bring Your Case To Life

Customize your cases with tailored patient characteristics, such as gender, age etc.

Case Templates

Create New Cases Quickly, And Share

Using our validated templates, instructors can create new cases in less than an hour, and share them with learners and colleagues.

An Ecosystem for Real Learning

Each case module in the Med2Lab platform is built around a “virtual patient” that allows the learners to practice gathering clinical information and implement interventions, and then learn from the consequences of their actions in a safe environment.

LTI Integration

LTI interface allows seamless integration of Med2Lab platform with other LTI-enabled Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Canvas, Drupal, Moodle, EdX etc.).


APIs are available to connect the Med2Lab platform's core algorithms with applications such as VR/AR or customized interfaces, allowing these applications to take advantage of the Med2Lab platform's case flow, chatbot, and assessment modules.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to support individual instructors and educational organizations to integrate interactive online learning into the medical curriculum

Content Development
& Management
From case design to implementation

(including support with converting existing teaching cases into interactive online formats)

Research / Validation
Study Design
Educational trials:

consultation & support through all phases of the validation process

Assessment Schema
Customization is our speciality

- tailor our machine learning based algorithms to fit your assessment framework

Customized Interface
& Packaging
Creating unique learning experiences

including customized interface and branding of your courses

System Integration
& Maintenance

we help maintain all infrastructure, and integration points with your native LMS

Comprehensive services

Support for all faculty and learners, from onboarding to ongoing use of system

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